UNIC 4_4: International Co-Teaching – Virtual Exchange in the field of social equity and inclusion in post-industrial societies


25. Sep 2023


10:00 - 12:00


Astrid Tan


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Hochschuldidaktisches Qualifizierungsprogramm

The UNIC workshop for teachers on ‘International Co-Teaching’, a common developed online international workshop, is dedicated to the teaching approach of Virtual Exchange.
The workshop is organised as a subject specific event for teachers from the ten different universities of the UNIC alliance.

This offer is aimed at teachers who already have an understanding of Virtual Exchange and are specifically looking for teaching partners.


  1. Sustainable Cities: e.g., Building sustainable cities, Urban planning for sustainable cities, living together in sustainable cities, services in sustainable cities.
  2. Change in societies through Artificial Intelligence (AI): e.g., AI and human resources, how is AI transforming businesses, role of AI in health care, arts and AI.
  3. Social equity and inclusion in post-industrial societies: e.g., citizens’ engagement for inclusion, inclusive education in post-industrial societies, diversity in companies, administration in diverse societies.

​The workshop offers the opportunity to

  • gain intercultural experiences
  • explore an innovative teaching approach which enables intercultural experience to your students
  • acquire advanced knowledge on internationally oriented teaching
  • find teaching partners and new perspectives for your research

The workshop consists of

  • a short input on the teaching approach Virtual Exchange in the specific subject.
  • examples of Virtual Mobility and Virtual Exchange from the specific subject.
  • breakout session activities to get to know teachers from the partner universities, find a partner and exchange first ideas on a Virtual Exchange activity in your courses.
  • written reflection on the potential implementation of a Virtual Exchange activity in your course.

The workshop is held in lingua franca: English

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