UNIC 3_2: International Co-Teaching – Integrating Virtual Exchange into the University Classroom. An online course for university educators (Day 2)


13. Sep 2023


16:00 - 17:30


Astrid Tan, Karen Møller


Für wen?


Hochschuldidaktisches Qualifizierungsprogramm

In this online course you will familiarize with Virtual Exchange as a pedagogical activity for engaging students in authentic intercultural collaborative projects with international partners.

Virtual Exchange means the engagement of students in online intercultural interaction and collaboration with students from other cultural contexts as an integrated part of their course work under the guidance of their educators. The teachers are planning a Virtual Exchange in a teaching cooperation.

The purpose is to practice how to co-plan and teach with elements of Virtual Exchange. Especially the transfer of the concept into the disciplinary teaching conventions, the integration into the syllabus of the course, the construction of tasks and the support and mentoring of the students during a Virtual Exchange is focused during the course. You will meet teachers from different universities all over Europe in this training.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • explain the potential learning outcomes of Virtual Exchanges
  • do the steps for setting up and running a Virtual Exchange in your discipline
  • use a collection of materials and examples as inspiration for your activities
  • network with teachers from other countries in order to establish potential Virtual Exchange partnerships

Organisation of the workshop

  • the workshop consists of 4 synchronous meetings of 1,5 hours as well as an asynchronous preparation of 30 min.


​presentations, plenum discussion, small group work


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