UNIC 1_7: Intercultural dialogue within UNIC by Rotterdam – collaborative teaching and learning in international settings


03. Okt 2023


13:00 - 17:30


Für wen?


Hochschuldidaktisches Qualifizierungsprogramm,
Lehren & Lernen

This workshop is hosted by trainers of the Community of Learning & Innovation from the Erasmus University, Rotterdam (NL).

In the workshop you will meet teachers of partner-universities of the UNIC-Alliance, which come from: Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. In this international setting you will practice intercultural dialogue on teaching in higher education, you will reflect on your own cultural implications in teaching and discover the learning and teaching culture of your partners. You will collaborate to create a Virtual Exchange setting for your students. You will discuss challenges of intercultural encounters and learn how to deal with them.

The workshop will take place online and be held in English (lingua franca).


Learning objectives and competencies

After following this workshop, you are able to:
– Formulate actions to adapt your course design to integrate VE.
– Motivate the opportunities for integrating an international experience in your course.
– Select activities/tasks and tools for collaborative and international teamwork of students
– Discuss possible solutions for basic challenges of VE.


You start your learning journey by diving into our online learning environment (Padlet) and prepare and upload assignments. This preparation takes about 1 hour. In the preparation you will be introduced to the concept of Virtual Exchange. You think about your own educational design and the opportunities you see to integrate VE.
In the workshop session you get to work with your own educational design, there is room to exchange ideas with the other participants and to share experiences with other teachers.

For full participation in UNIC 1 you will receive 4 AE.

Alternative dates

UNIC 1_8: 19th of March 2024, 13:00-17:00


​preparative task, instruction, group work


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